Spoby Week: Day 7: Free choice: Childhood Sweethearts

The Secret Ingredient


Written with tat-mas for Prompt #1 of Spoby Week.

Spencer and Toby’s daughter wants to make the best hot chocolate ever - but she’s missing the secret ingredient. Fluffiness ensues!

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For Day 4 of Spoby Week: Spobyversary. It’s a bit late (and not that great), but I hope you still like it anyways!

"i was not expecting that."

"me neither."

november 6th, happy spobyversary!


A/N: Spoby smut. Dedicated to Nidz cause she inspired me to write it. (I kept my promise I’m so sorry it’s like really late) I hope you guys like it. RATED M. This might as well be the hottest thing I’ve ever wrote. I’m not sure. 

Also this is for Spoby Week Day 2 prompt. :) And if it gets good reviews I might write a continuation cause I already have it planned. :)

There were a lot of things that could get Spencer Hastings angry. Like injustice or a lack of coffee. Someone breaking a promise or a bad grade or suspecting her boyfriend was keeping something from her. When she finally thought they were over the secrecy, he started acting really weird lately. He cancelled two dates in a row, saying he had to work, he didn’t seem to have time to spend with her anymore, not as much as he used to. And when she flat out confronted him about it, he denied that anything special was going on. She didn’t buy it. Her boyfriend was keeping something from her. But since she had no proof, she couldn’t even fight him.

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Won't you be mine? I'm already yours.: spoby week - day one


hi ok so I’ve never posted a fic on here before but, in honor of Spoby week, I thought i’d give it a go :) let me know what you think maybe? xo

spoby + cute little family at a cute little football game

"Spence, he’s going to be okay. He’s tough and he’s talented and he’s related to…


Spoby Week: Day 1: Domestic angels

PLLHalebSpoby: You're Home (Spoby Week Prompt)


Spoby Week Day 1: Family/Domestic

Marked moving boxes lined the living room in the loft, as Toby hauled in the last of Spencer’s things. After three years of dating, and enough trust issues to sink a boat, they had finally taken the plunge and moved in together.

"This is the last of it,"…

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Spoby Week starts tomorrow!!

Do you ship PLL’s Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh? (Spoby, obviously!) Do you want to express your love for this pairing with fics, fanarts, etc.? Well, Spoby Week is your chance to do so! Every day from the 3rd to the 9th of November there will be a different prompt to fill however you desire…first up is Family/Domestic. We hope to see some great submissions! :)

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